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June 24, 2020

New and Adapted Volunteer Roles

By New Churches Team

In the wake of COVID-19, we have a tremendous opportunity in our churches to build an army of volunteers and leaders, not just an audience. All of the new volunteer roles that are emerging during this season are pretty crazy. And added to that, the many existing roles that we have that may need to be adapted to ensure the health of our congregation, as well as ensure we remain compliant with local guidelines. I do know those guidelines change from place to place, and sometimes they are dramatically different, but one thing dramatically affects us all: the guidelines change what our church will look like in the short term.

Now, the ideal situation before was to max out our parking and seating capacity. And in this transition back to some kind of normal, it is going to look different. The volunteer roles that we need from week to week will look different as well. When you have a standardized template for your role profiles or job descriptions, it provides clarity to your volunteers in the midst of uncertainty, especially when they are serving in more than one role.

I want to walk you through a couple of examples of both new role profiles and maybe some adjusted ones you have in your church.

Adjusted and New Volunteer Roles

Think about your parking team. The parking team is probably now going to do something more like ensuring that parking cones are blocking off every other parking space to maintain social distancing guidelines in your local area. Or perhaps you are also using them as greeters as attendees arrive as well. Keep in mind you are changing this for your local context, so do what works best for your local church.

What about your seating team? Seating teams could just be ushers revisited. They are ensuring that barriers are in place in the worship center to maintain social distancing. They are propping open doors. They are making sure that as attendees arrive they are welcomed. And they are also likely dismissing attendees row by row when the service concludes.

Attendance compliance would be something that is a new role. Many of us are in places where we need to check the headcount to make sure we are remaining compliant with the local occupancy guidelines and don’t max out our space.

Creating Digital Volunteer Roles

Digital volunteer roles are emerging as well.

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