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PODCAST 045: Church In A Bar & Other Innovations

PODCAST 045: Church In A Bar & Other Innovations

by Jeff Reed: Sometimes innovation is overly complicated and very costly. Sometimes innovation is just looking at what you have differently.

What you’ll discover here in this episode of The Church Digital Podcast is two churches that have done some incredibly innovative things with what they had. So much effort goes into creating the musical worship portion of the worship service each week, what if we did musical worship via video? Churches are doing teaching each week via video… why not musical worship?

Enter today’s podcast, where churches have launched in a Bar utilizing video worship… even going as far as launching a multisite campus without having a band on stage for musical worship. Crazy concept, I know. But imagine the scalability and savings if it could work. Remember, not everyone needs to buy into it, but enough need to buy into it to make it worthwhile.

As an aside, hear me publicly admit that I was wrong! (My wife doesn’t even get that treatment.) All this and more here on The Church Digital Podcast.

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Source: PODCAST 045: Church In A Bar & Other Innovations