by Peyton Jones: The Avengers rocked the box office because the producers knew that superhero team ups offer much more than the spotlight on a solo hero.  An interplay of highly specialized skills is necessary to slam evil, and advance the cause of Christ.  If that’s the case with Superheroes, why wouldn’t it be the case with church planters?  Lollapalooza and Woodstock proved it in the world of jams.

Neither comic geek, nor rock god, Paul still knew the potential of a super team.  Acts 20:4 tells us that Paul traveled with 8 dudes who helped evangelize, transform and stabilize a community.  Paul told the Corinthians that he planted, Apollos watered, and somebody else reaped.   Paul utilized Barnabas’s crazy gift of encouragement and recruiting skills. Apollos was an evangelist extraordinaire. Timothy had a shepherding gift; Titus was the hard hitting frontline guy who was just “point and shoot”.  Our church plants will expand at the rate of the 1st century church when we’ve harnessed the same methods.  And it’s all hinged upon leadership.

Think about that. The recent Star Wars film seemed to indicate that leadership wasn’t needed. Rey simply finds her way without any training. Luke has nothing to teach. But what has always made Star Wars great, and will continue to do so, unless they continue to ditch the formula, is that it was a rag-tag band, a motley crew, a grouping of unlikely heroes who saved the day. A whiny kid from the back of beyond, a stuck up princess, a self-interested rogue, two droids, a rookie, and an old man. Yet, they each played their part. That’s something that’s hardwired into the universe, as Alan Hirsch’s brilliant book 5Q points out. Perhaps that’s why it resonates so deeply with us.

Justice league, The Avengers, Star Wars, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and your church planting team…

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