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The Difference Between Coaching and Disciple Making

by Justin Gravitt: You know what a coach is. You’ve seen them on TV. You’ve heard them interviewed at post-game press conferences. They break down their team’s performance, explain in-game decisions, and look ahead to the next game. Coaches lead. They build strategy, direct the execution of strategy, adjust strategy, […]


Rookie Disciple Making Mistakes: Driven by Fear

by Discipleship.org: Are you a disciple making rookie? Rook • ie Meaning: A new recruit, especially in the army or police. A member of an athletic team in his first full season. In sports, rookies represent hope. Some arrive to the team as hyped prospects expected to be the future […]


Developing Vision in Those You Disciple

by Justin Gravitt: What’s the most important part of a balloon? Though most of us have never thought about it, the first answer that comes to mind is the air inside it. After all, a helium-filled balloon is much different than one we blow up. Not to mention the fact […]


Learn from Navigators Church Ministries

by Bobby Harrington: We want you to meet Justin Gravitt, who leads Navigators Church Ministries. We want to help you find the best disciple-making guides, and that’s why we’re continuing to introduce these partners to you. Here’s what Justin said about his ministry in our interview with him: Tell us about […]