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7 Habits of Generation Z That Your Church Might Be Ignoring

By: Carey Nieuwhof This post is written by Dillon Smith, a Gen Z team member of mine. There’s no doubt that Gen Z has some different habits than previous generations. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, the environment that we’ve grown up in is completely unique, and unlike any generation […]


How to Support Your Spouse Experiencing Anxiety

By Kandi Gallaty: I will never forget that night at the mall. My husband, Robby, and I had just finished dinner and were headed shopping to look for jeans. He came out of the dressing room and said he wasn’t feeling well. He was light-headed, pale, and didn’t feel right. […]


Staying Positive During Quarantine

Home > Blog > Staying Positive During Quarantine Staying Positive During Quarantine By Brad Hambrick Let’s start by being honest. During a season of extended quarantine, it’s hard not to grow irritable, anxious, discouraged, and weary. There’s a bit of relief in just admitting, “I’m struggling,” and realizing you’re not […]


When Depression is Demonic

When Depression is Demonic .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: As I’ve said in many other places, I’m a huge believer that Christians should approach the subject of depression and mental health holistically. That is, we must consider the medical, spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional angles. We should see counselors, talk to […]


Why Leadership Is So Exhausting—And What to Do About It

by Carey Nieuwhof: You’re probably feeling a little tired. And if that’s the case, you’re not alone. Exhaustion, anxiety and stress seems to be a growing problem in leadership. Recently, a planned sabbatical made headlines when mega-church pastor Howard-John Wesley stood before 4500 worshippers in early December and told them he was tired […]


CNLP 309: Terry Wardle on Why So Many Leaders Cave Under the Pressures of Leadership, Why Leaders Implode Morally, and How to Grieve Your Leadership Losses

by Carey Nieuwhof: Few people have impacted Carey’s personal journey as much as Terry Wardle. That’s why it’s such a thrill to bring podcast listeners this interview. Terry talks about why so many leaders cave under the pressure of leadership, what’s underneath the moral failure so many leaders experienced, and […]


When the Godly Get Depressed

When the Godly Get Depressed .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: A couple of days ago, I shared this tweet: Good people get depressed. Godly people get depressed. Depression isn’t sin. It’s a state. Sometimes it’s circumstantial. Sometimes it’s spiritual. Sometimes it’s chemical. Treat it holistically. Pray. Get counseling. Talk to your […]


CNLP 307: John Ortberg and Carey Nieuwhof on Workaholism, How to Be Appropriately Vulnerable, and Finding God When Things are Bad in Leadership

by Carey Nieuwhof: John Ortberg has a brand new podcast, What Were You Thinking? Today, we flip the mic, and John interviews Carey Nieuwhof about workaholism, how to be appropriately vulnerable about your story, and finding God when things get tough in life and leadership. Welcome to Episode 307 of […]


Reaching First Responders in Your Community

Home > Blog > Reaching First Responders in Your Community Reaching First Responders in Your Community By New Churches Team It is a known fact that everyone loves donuts! But, when wanting to show the love of Christ to police officers and other first responders, is there a more effective […]


CNLP 278: Ian Morgan Cron on How Your Enneagram Profile Positions You for Burnout, Pride, Cynicism and Other Hidden Traps in Life and Leadership

by Carey Nieuwhof: Ian Morgan Cron interviews Carey for this episode of his top rated Typology podcast, but in the middle of the interview, Carey turned the tables got Ian to apply his Enneagram insights to Carey’s latest book, Didn’t See It Coming. What results is Ian doing a fascinating […]