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Set Your Priorities for the New Year

Home > Blog > Set Your Priorities for the New Year Set Your Priorities for the New Year By New Churches Team Consider starting the year by doing an audit of your programs. If there are ministries or programs that you need to or want to get rid of, now […]


Succeeding in Church Planting

Home > Blog > Succeeding in Church Planting January 20, 2021 Succeeding in Church Planting By New Churches Team Setting Your Priorities Most church planters are not successful because they lead the opposite of Jesus. In the Gospels, we see Jesus often trying to get away from large groups of […]


7 Practical Tips to Help You Stop Working 7 Days a Week

by Carey Nieuwhof: So you’re busy. Welcome to the club. For too many of us, busy now means working 7 days a week. One leader approached me a while back and said the one thing he knew would change everything for him was to stop working 7 days a week. […]


Digital Leadership Podcast: What’s Killing Your Leadership? Burnout!

Digital Leadership Podcast: What’s Killing Your Leadership? Burnout! .et_post_meta_wrapper Thanks for Listening! Read the Article Version Below [Adapted from the Transcript] What is it that’s drowning us, as leaders? What is it that’s taking leaders out of the picture when we desperately need good leaders? Last time I talked about […]


6 Stock Expressions Every Leader Should Stop Using

by Carey Nieuwhof: You say things every day as leaders that work against you, not for you. Have a look at the list below, and you’ll immediately recognize that you probably say some (or all) of these things without even realizing it. They’re almost verbal ticks in our culture. They’re stock […]


3 Keys To Becoming An Intentional Disciple Maker

by Jim Putman: It is both the job and privilege of every Christian to be a disciple of Jesus. And part of that job is the call to disciple others. You can disciple someone without holding a Bible degree – Jesus did a good job of demonstrating that by the men […]