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Taking a Risk on Next Generation Leaders with Buddy Gosey


by unSeminary: Thanks for joining in for this week’s episode of the unSeminary podcast. We’re talking with Buddy Gosey, a campus pastor at Northridge Community Church.

Northridge is a young church, the first campus planted ten
years ago. Buddy is at the Gray campus in Gray, Tennessee, which was launched
in 2016. He is with us today to talk about developing potential young leaders
within the church.

Give opportunities. // Buddy became a leader at a young age and he did that by being faithful and willing to learn from other leaders. So many potential young leaders aren’t given opportunities to lead in the church. Millennials and Generation Z don’t want to be just spectators at church; they want use their gifts and abilities to make a difference in the world . Identify potential. // While some potential leaders will go off to bible college, many won’t, but they could still be potential leaders within the church. In Buddy’s own experience he says what he lacked in competency and experience, he made up for in practical knowledge of how to make disciples. He had learned how to invest deeply in people who don’t know the Lord as well as people who do know the Lord as he sought to bring out their gifts. As a result, the ability to make disciples is at the top of Buddy’s list when it comes to identifying potential young leaders.Buying into the mission. // In addition to examining who potential leaders are discipling and influencing, Buddy examines if they are bought fully into Northridge’s mission. Do they get the culture? Competency—which is often a focus in identifying leaders—is important, but can often be taught as a developing leaders shadows someone with more experience.Be humble. // If you’re not humble as a leader, you’re disqualified right at the start. Buddy is surrounded by leaders who have been doing it longer than him and better than him, and so he knew the importance of being teachable and humble. Buddy admits he was bad at delegating when he began his position at Northridge. He had to take a step back and take a look at everything he was doing to learn it correctly and allow other people to have a hand in it. You should work not just in your ministry, but on your ministry, taking advantage of opportunities to grow and improve.Be faithful. // Buddy wrote a book called Enough: Someday Starts Today. The book is written to help people understand that no matter what happens in the world, they are enough because God is enough. The focus of the book is to encourage that if God gives you the what then the why, the will, or the how should be developed and we should trust Him. We are loved enough, He is trustworthy enough, we are young enough, and God asks us to be faithful, nothing more and nothing less.

You can find out more about Buddy and his book at www.buddygosey.com. You can learn more about the church at www.northridgenetwork.com.

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