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What Are Your Motivations for Church Planting?


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October 14, 2020

What Are Your Motivations for Church Planting?

By New Churches Team

How We Identify with Our Work

  1. A job. A job is work someone does to get a paycheck and benefits. Ultimately, they are doing their work to fund what they like to do outside of work.
  2. A career. A career is work someone does for themselves. They get incentive from and find joy in their work.
  3. A calling. A calling is work through which someone experiences a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

When it comes to motivation in church planting, we should be operating out of a sense calling that comes from the inside, but is also affirmed by the outside. This is where assessment centers and church planting networks come into play. Brian Williamson explains, “We don’t have to push things for results when they are pulled by our calling.”

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Motivations are enduring and insatiable. They explain why we do what we do. God creates each of us with a soul print that will naturally play out. Knowing what your motivations are also helps you know what your motivations aren’t. Half of being self-aware is knowing who you aren’t. This also helps you build a launch team and staff team that complements your strengths. Once you have become aware of your own motivations, learning about the motivations of your team will help you be a better leader.

Learning Your People

You have to know yourself to lead yourself and know others to lead others. This takes more than just observation. Accelerate your awareness of yourself and your team using tools. Start with walking yourself and your team through the following exercise.

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