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Why Church. in a Box Might Be Right for You


5 reasons why you should consider Church. in a Box

by Portable Church Industries: We often get calls from pastors who are saying they are wanting to launch soon or are on a tight budget and are not sure where to start. They are looking for a great system that they can get their hands-on fast. The good news is that we have an awesome solution made specifically to be quick and affordable. If you are looking for gear to get your church off the ground in a quick time frame and/or with a tighter budget, here are 5 reasons you should consider Church. in a Box.

1. Cost savings for smaller budget

The # 1 reason church planters love Church. in a Box is that it saves the church planter money and still allows them to capture their vision. Church. in a Box systems start with pre-designed solutions crafted intentionally to save your church money. From eliminating the need for a consultation and travel costs to the gear inside each of the packages, we have scrupulously designed incredible systems at even better prices.

2. How the process starts

All that is required to get the ball rolling on your very own Church. in a Box system is to talk with one of our Church Launch Specialists. We will set up a virtual meeting where you can send us some pictures and videos of your venue and we discuss which packaged system will best fit your needs. If desired, you can even request a designer to come out and tour your location in person, but it’s not always necessary or required.

3. Modifications & Upgrades

All of our pre-designed solutions are based on patterns that we have seen time and time again over the past 10 years. We have artfully designed robust systems that function in a multitude of venues. However, we can still do modifications to make it work even better for you. If you need a brighter projector, more or fewer microphones, specific kids ministry supplies or other requests, we can take care of it. Our systems are engineered to save costs and be as efficient as possible to start off with and then they can be tweaked from there.

4. Continual improvement

No matter which package you start with, the systems are designed to grow along with you. Whether your plan is slow and steady growth, or launch large and grow fast, you can add and modify to the system to meet your churches needs. Watch the video at the top of this blog to learn of the many ways church plant and multisite churches use a Church. in a Box systems as they grow or use them to grow into potential new cities.

In addition to your church growth, on our end, we are continually and intentionally improving our packages based on our learning and experience. Updating them to include the latest technology, kids ministry, and guest services gear.

5. Designed by PCI experts

Ordering a Church. in a Box system is not like going to the store and ordering things you need and then putting it together yourself. All of our packages were designed and every little detail thought through so that it will run smoothly with little effort on your end. We do all of the racking, wiring, and testing for you here in our shop before it gets to you, so you know everything will work together. You build into your city and team while we provide a system that keeps you focused on the for the long run.

Your church isn’t about your building, and we get that. We created Church. in a Box Solutions to be an answer to doing portable church efficiently and effectively with minimum capital. There are 8 total packages, 4 are AVL only and 4 are AVL and Kids & Community. Each one of them is uniquely designed with you, the church planter in mind.

If you want to learn more about the packages, click here. And check out our Church, in a Box Facebook page for more updates.

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Source: Why Church. in a Box Might Be Right for You