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Church Planting Tutorial: 21. Legacy / Restart

Very little has been written on the subject of church restarts or church relaunching.   Slightly more literature has been written on turnaround churches, but the pool of resources are very limited.  This tutorial provides some basics and explains the differences between relaunching, restarting and renewing / turnaround. Why do churches […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 20. Multisite

Every week over 5 million people attend one of the 5,000+ multisite churches across North America. For many churches multisite is the answer to the need for expanding the Kingdom, especially in concentrated areas of population. There are many great resources for you at Exponential.org, but let’s look at a few […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 19. Suggested Reading

The following is a suggested reading list for Church Planters:

Church Planting Tutorial: 18. Staffing

Hiring Staff is one of the most important things you will do in church planting.  Spend the necessary time doing your homework.  Don’t cut corners.  Check out this Top-5 List of Staffing Mistakes made by church planters: Waiting too long to hire (i.e., until you think you can afford it) – growing […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 17. Facilities

Finding a meeting place is a major task for most new churches. Buying or even leasing a facility in the beginning is not possible for the church plant, so you will likely need to look at an assortment of leasing and renting options. Here are a few of the most […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 16. Equipment

Equipment represents a significant percentage of total expenses for a new church.  Simply managing the list of required equipment can be a daunting task.  Consider taking the following actions: 1. Equipment List – Visit the experts at Portable Church Industries (PCI) or Church on Wheels to get started and learn more about equipment requirements.  Also download […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 15. Outreach

Outreach events are great opportunities for establishing name recognition and starting conversations with people in the community. You need to know 1) what your community needs most, 2) what types of events you can effectively deliver with the resources you have to support those needs and 3) the ability to plan […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 14. Marketing

Marketing and Branding – An excerpt from “Church Planting from the Ground Up” edited by Tom Jones The outreach materials are taken from Passion for Planting online launch plan management system (PlanterPlan). Milestone: Get the Word Out (Marketing) Introduction How would Jesus market the church? Does it work? Is it necessary? Is it biblical, […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 13. Finances

Where does all the money go? The question every church planter must ask. Money follows vision…so the type of church you plan to start significantly influences the money required to start. In a previous tutorial page, we discussed church planting models. As you might expect, house and cell-based churches require […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 12. Legal Issues

New churches should consider the following steps in establishing the proper legal structure. Step 1 – Select a Church Name– Start with a great name. Before an organization can incorporate and become tax exempt, it must first select a name. Step 2 – Establish a U.S. Post Office Box or […]