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New To Five

In the recently released eBook New To Five, Ralph Moore presents his insights on how to start a Level 5 Multiplying church. The book challenges the approach many church planters take while starting churches. The focus should not be on gathering and growing a large congregation, but on developing disciples that multiply. Through sharing personal stories and scriptural principles Moore reveals how planting a church focused on its own growth will inhibit it from multiplying disciples and expanding God’s kingdom.

In the book Moore shares the insight he’s gained on church multiplication through planting a church ingrained with multiplication DNA. That’s the key to multiplication. It must be talked about, practiced, and celebrated within every aspect of the church from small groups to children’s ministry to leadership development. That’s what happened at Hope Chapel, the church Ralph planted. Multiplication became so infused in the church’s culture it made it hard for the church not to multiply. Over 2,000 new churches later their multiplication movement continues to expand.

What’s at the heart of the multiplication movement? According to Moore it’s helping every Christian see themselves as disciple makers. When every believer sees the Great Commission as their personal mission in life, multiplication follows and kingdom outposts sprout up bring new life to every crack and crevice of society.

This book will challenge the paradigm of many church leaders causing many to re-evaluate their church scorecard. If your ready to take your next step towards church multiplication, we recommend that you read this book. You can download it for free at New To Five.