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Outreach Ideas

Have you noticed how hungry people are for community? All around us are people who are starved for human interaction. They long for a safe place to be themselves and belong. While churches used to be the places where people found that community, more and more in the United States people are finding it in gyms, yoga studios, book clubs, and Meetup groups. People join these social groups because they long for a community to belong to and are looking for help connecting with others. 

People in your neighborhood long for opportunities to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Most want to know the people who live around them, but most aren’t willing to take the risk of organizing an event to bring neighbors together for that purpose. They’re looking for a leader. Will you step up and be that leader? Here’s a list of outreach ideas we created to help you not only bring neighbors together, but serve them at the same time.

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