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Church Planting Tutorial: 12. Legal Issues

New churches should consider the following steps in establishing the proper legal structure. Step 1 – Select a Church Name– Start with a great name. Before an organization can incorporate and become tax exempt, it must first select a name. Step 2 – Establish a U.S. Post Office Box or […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 11. Demographics

Looking to understand the people you are trying to reach?  We suggest the following basic approach: Identify General Areas of Interest:  If you already know the meeting location for your Sunday services, make note of the address (street address or intersection).  If not, identify addresses/intersections for potential meeting locations.  In […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 10. Opening Day

There are many different approaches and philosophies to planning.   No matter which approach is used, planning is simply a means to an end.  Planning helps define the actions for getting from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.  No matter what planning approach you […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 9. Philosophy of Ministry

Just as the body’s DNA defines the characteristics of the body, the philosophy of ministry shapes and defines the character of the new church. Every Church is Unique Although all healthy churches seek to fulfill the Great Commission, no two churches are exactly alike. Church planters are each called to […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 8. Launch Strategy

You are called to plant a church. It started with a dream, which has led to prayer. Through prayer God’s refined you’re vision. Now it’s time to make that vision a reality, but you first need to develop a strategy and for that strategy an action plan. What constitutes a […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 7. Church Planting Models

There is no universally agreed to list of church planting models. Ask ten different organizations for a list of the different types of church planting models and you will get ten different lists (i.e. there is no universally agreed upon list of church planting models). If you want to see different lists, […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 6. Coaching

Have you ever noticed that Alex Ovechkin, Bryce Harper and Robert Griffin III all have coaches?  Doesn’t it seem like someone of that caliber wouldn’t need a coach?  Everyone needs a coach… whether in sports, business, or church planting. In sports the coach’s primary role is to bring out the best in […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 5. Prayer Team

No partner is more important than prayer partners. Planting a church is a big deal.  Satan does not want you to succeed. Surrounding yourself and your team with prayer partners is the single best thing you can do to ensure success. Many church planters underestimate the amount of spiritual warfare […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 4. Bootcamp & Training

Church planting training workshops, seminars and conferences are often referred to as “boot camps.” As you may have guessed, this terminology is taken from the military where new recruits are put through intense introductory training. Church planting boot camps are designed to teach and equip the planter in how to […]

Church Planting Tutorial: 3. Assessment

Assessment is the process of discerning whether a potential church planter is called to plant a church and whether the person is right for a specific new work.  Assessment is often broken down into a pre-assessment (self-assessment) and a formal assessment (assessment by an independent group or organization).   Click here to read […]