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Church Planting Tutorial: 4. Bootcamp & Training

Church planting training workshops, seminars and conferences are often referred to as “boot camps.” As you may have guessed, this terminology is taken from the military where new recruits are put through intense introductory training. Church planting boot camps are designed to teach and equip the planter in how to be the best possible planter. Boot camps are often intense 3 to 5 days training sessions that include experienced speakers, reading, practical exercises, and discussions. Boot camp is typically attended after assessment. Costs typically range from less than $100 to over $1500. Why is training so important? Consider the following:

[bctt tweet=”Planting a church is like building a house. Training IS required!”]

The average new construction home in America:

  • costs over $200,000 to completion
  • takes 9-12 months from conception (idea) to completion (occupancy)
  • requires the integration and completion of over 400 individual actions (e.g. framing, insulation, wiring, roofing, etc.) many of which are interrelated and must be completed in a certain order
  • requires the coordination of many different contractors and people (vendors/service providers)

Sound familiar? Yes…starting a new church often requires a similar scope of work!

Can you imagine hiring a general contractor with absolutely no home building experience? Most people would never consider it. General contractors typically have years of training and experience. Yet God, in His wisdom, calls most church planters to accomplish a similar scope of work with very little experience (to ensure complete reliance on Him). You need training. You need help. Why fly blind and make mistakes that are avoidable? Bootcamp is a great place to start! Learn from others who’ve already walked in your shoes.

Task: Attend Bootcamps/ Training Seminars

Sample Outline

The following is a sample outline of topics covered at our bootcamp:

Day 1: Developing A Ministry Philosophy

  1. Orientation: Why plant another church?
  2. Biblical Foundation: What are the biblical foundations of church planting?
  3. Contextualization: What kind of church will reach this community with the gospel?
  4. Philosophy of Ministry: How will you articulate the church’s vision, mission, and core values for the purpose of ministry alignment?

Day 2: Developing Key Strategies 

  1. Prayer Foundations: How will you mobilize spiritual resources for the plant?
  2. Launch Team Strategy: How will you recruit and develop a launch team?
  3. Financial Strategy: How will the church operate financially?
  4. Fundraising Strategy: How will the church raise start up funds?
  5. Staffing Strategy: What key leadership position will the church need to fill and when?
  6. Ministry Team Strategy: What teams will the church need to develop in order to carry out its ministry?
  7. Branding Strategy: What will your community perceive the church?

Day 3: Developing Key Strategies (cont.) 

  1. Multiplication Strategy: How do you not just start one church, but a church that multiplies?
  2. Marketing Strategy: How will you create buzz and awareness about the church?
  3. Facilities and Equipment: Where will you meet and what will you need to create a welcoming and engaging worship environment?
  4. Outreach Strategy: How will the church be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community?
  5. Networking Strategy: How will the church effectively develop relationships within the community?

Day 4: Developing Disciples 

  1. Assimilation: What’s the strategy for connecting new people to the life of the church?
  2. Family Ministry: How will the church resource and equip families to create disciples at home?
  3. Discipleship: How will you help people take next steps in their faith?
  4. Leadership: How will you develop leaders for multiplication?

Day 5: Developing A Plan

  1. Launch Planning: What steps will you need to take to plant a church and when?
  2. Opening Day Expectations: What will launch Sunday look and feel like?
  3. Launch Strategy: How will the church create a comprehensive plan that recruits ministry partners, team members, and everyone in between.
  4. Evangelism: How will you reach those not being reached?
  5. Budgeting: How will your church handle its money?


Here are a few organizations with solid church planting training programs:


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