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Church Planting Tutorial: 18. Staffing

Hiring Staff is one of the most important things you will do in church planting.  Spend the necessary time doing your homework.  Don’t cut corners.  Check out this Top-5 List of Staffing Mistakes made by church planters:

  1. Waiting too long to hire (i.e., until you think you can afford it) – growing churches step out on faith and hire before the growth and before they can afford it.
  2. Hiring too quickly (i.e., without due diligence in understanding strengths and weaknesses) – The hiring process is hard work.  Unfortunately its easy to hire based on optimism and hope that things will work out.  Don’t hire until you know what a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses are.
  3. Hoping a candidate’s past shortcomings will improve under your leadership – The candidate is the best you’ve looked at so far…and you really need that position filled.   The candidate has a weakness in a key area vital to success in your ministry, but he is so strong in other areas.  Don’t be fooled that things will be better in this new ministry assignment.  Past performance is the best indicator of future performance until proven otherwise.
  4. Hiring a friend (and not applying the same rigid hiring standards that you would with others) – A huge trap.  Sometimes it’s the right thing, but it’s also the easiest scenario to be blinded to.  Be prepared in advance to answer the question:  “Am I willing to suffer the relational consequences of this not working out?”[bctt tweet=”Don’t compromise on the C’s of hiring! #churchplanting”]
  5. Hiring with only 1, 2 or 3 of the 4 C’s (Calling, Competency, Character, and Compatibility) – Don’t compromise on the C’s of hiring.  In assessing a potential candidate, understand their strengths and weaknesses in each of these four areas.  If possible, put staff candidates through a pre-assessment and formal assessment.

Milestone: Hire Staff

Online Staffing Site:  Check out www.churchstaffing.com – “The Site for Church Employment.”

Resources:  Checkout the following free staffing resources from Passion for Planting:

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