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Free Resources Added – April 2016

Since launching the new website three weeks ago, we’ve seen our 400+ free resources downloaded by dozens of people, a total of over 2,000¬†downloads. It’s amazing to see the wide range of topics that are downloaded. This is just a quick post to let you know how to find the latest downloads, encourage you to give us feedback and provide a list (with links) to the most popular downloads so far.

How to find the latest downloads

When you revisit the website, select a category, then sort by date added to see the most recently added files. At this point, we’re still adding lots of resources, too many to list individually. Once we get done adding the rest of our library (about another 200 files), we look for ways to highlight recent additions, most downloaded, etc.

Star Rating Systemstar-rating

This is for you, so please use the Star Rating system to let us know what you think about the files.
If something isn’t relevant or working, we’ll look at pulling it off of the list. For every resource on the Free Downloads page, you’ll see some stars. All you need to do is click the appropriate star level to record your vote. That’s is…nothing special…just click a star!

We want to be good steward, excellent librarians, but we need your feedback! We’ll keep track of how these files are rated so we can continue to improve.

Most Popular Downloads

Here’s a list of the most popular downloads since we started:

We greatly appreciate your feedback and desire for planting healthy churches. Keep up the great work!

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